Whether you use this as a keychain or attach it to your favorite purse or bag, this She-Chain will bring some beauty to your life.


Every piece of #EXTRAOrdinary Bling is one-of-a-kind. We never make two of the same thing so every customer can have an #EXTRAOrdinary Original (that and we like to follow the mood and make what wants to be made at any given moment!). We also fill it with love...because #OfCOURSEWeDo! :)


May you ALWAYS remember you are beautiful, unique, and LOVED! <3 <3 <3

Faith She Chain

SKU: 262371
  • Mixed materials may include vintage beads, vintage metal objects, metal/plastic/crystal/glass/stone beads and drops, gears, etc. 

    Bling is shown on a larger mason jar for length reference. We can make them shorter if you need them to fit a shorter jar, vase, etc. Some Bling are adjustable with lobster claws. We can always retrofit the others as needed—just let us know what you need.

    Wipe down nickel-free metal with a polishing cloth if necessary.