#EXTRAOrdinary is a love letter to our fellow Women in the Middle of Life, our sisters who find themselves wondering what’s up with the brain fog, the ten extra pounds, and the ornery grey hairs that seemed to show up overnight.
We may not be part of the younger generation, but we Women in the Middle aren’t done! Nope! We have stories to tell and important things to SAY that come from the wisdom of experience. If you are one of us (or know and love one of us), this book is definitely for you!
#EXTRAOrdinary is one part stories, one part self-help, and one part personal journal. It is organized around a fun metaphor: Life is like water skiing, and there are four rules to keep in mind:
1. Don’t panic.
2. If you fall, fall gracefully.
3. When you fall, let go of the rope.
4. Get up and try again.
While it has a cheeky-fun personality, #EXTRAOrdinary also addresses serious topics such as loss, anxiety, and relationships. It is honest and authentic at its core with a mission of reminding Women in the Middle (and all humans!) that they are loved and they matter—just the way they are.

#EXTRAOrdinary Book

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